Hygiene & Social Distancing Procedures

Payments - A process has been put in place to accept cash safely (in an envelope with exact change). As always, payments can be made via bank transfer, with payment being completed before the dog leaves the premises. Please enquire for bank details.

One dog per appointment - Only one dog will be allowed in the salon at any given time.

Late arrivals - Please be on time for your appointment as this will prevent customers and dogs from crossing paths on arrival. Late arrivals cannot be accepted as this would result in a clash with the next customer and their dog.

Drop off - On arrival, please place your dog in the holding crate that will be located just outside the salon. Owners must remove all collars and leads from the dog and retain them. Once the dog is safely in the crate, please secure the crate door.

Collection - You will be given a time to collect your dog. Please make sure you are on time for the collection due to the additional time requred to clean and disinfect all equipment before the next appointment. When you arrive for collection, your dog will be placed safely back in the holding crate. You can then open the crate door and collect your dog.

Hygiene & Saftey

  • All equipment used will be cleaned and disinfected after each use with pet safe products.
  • PPE equipment will be used by the groomer whilst grooming all dogs.
  • Once groomed, all dogs will be sprayed with Leucillin, which is a safe non-toxic antiseptic skin care solution spray for cleansing and sanitising animals.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support and co-operation in these difficult and uncertain times.

COVID-19 Certifications

covid19 coronavirus certification
covid19 coronavirus certification